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Digital Projection 8K

The INSIGHT Laser 8K Projector is the worlds first laser illuminated 8K DLP projector, offering 25,000 lumens and full 8K resolution.

Lighting Solution in Healthcare sector

Light control is a powerful way to support the design goals important to healthcare facilities. It improves the patient experience and enhances staff performance. Additionally, light control dramatically reduces electricity usage, which contributes to an environmentally conscious facility. Patient Rooms Lighting control can help patients with the healing process by giving them personal control of…
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Commercial Energy saving

Whole Building Most buildings today are over-lit because light levels are set higher than appropriate for the space, or spaces are lit even when they are unoccupied. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity. Make your building work harder for you by adding intelligent, energy-efficient light control. Lutron provides flexible, scalable systems that can…
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Residential energy saving

Every Lutron dimmer reduces energy consumption. See how much you can save with its eco-friendly light control. When it comes to energy efficiency, you have plenty of options. However, many homeowners overlook a key energy-saving opportunity – lighting. It accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowner's monthly electric bill. Lutron light controls can help…
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